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Key features


Custom circulation processes

Flow patterns

Privilege management

Built-in communications

Process automation

Planning and strategy

Business operations

Analysis of results


Independent file repository

History of processes and circulation

Full integration with KSeF

E-mail forwarding


Sharing to other applications

Automatic validation

Support for mobile devices

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

What is workflow?

Workflow is a concept related to the organization and management of work in a specific process or task. It is an ordered set of activities and steps that must be performed in a specific order to achieve the end goal. Workflow refers to the workflow or sequence of activities that are performed within an activity.

What are the benefits of using workflow?

Workflow provides an orderly process, which contributes to increased productivity, better organization of tasks and effective team collaboration. By monitoring progress and better managing resources, goals can be achieved more efficiently.

Can I customize the workflow to meet my company’s needs?

Mizzox allows you to customize the workflow for your company. You can define your own steps, add or remove steps, and specify user permissions in each step.

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