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Increase your productivity and effectiveness in managing your team and tasks in your company. 
Get your workload under control, minimize chaos, maximize results. Mizzox will analyze, remind and remember for you.

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Simplify work, complete tasks and achieve goals
Increase productivity and achieve full control at every stage of tasks on the way to your goals. Mizzox will make sure deadlines are met, control chaos and simplify the work of your entire team.

Joint projects

The work of the entire team available in one place.

Individual tasks

Assign tasks to the appropriate people and set a deadline for completion.

Access from anywhere

Manage tasks on all your devices – anywhere.

Artificial intelligence to streamline your workflow

Mizzox’s intelligent search options are built into Tasks offering speed and reliability.

Organize your day.
Work efficiently

Manage only what is important to you.
Mizzox itself will organize the work schedule for your team.

Najważniejsze funkcje


Monitoring deadlines

History of changes

Private tasks

Template for quick task creation

Archiving of completed tasks

Marking the progress of implementation

Attachment management


File and document sharing

Assigning to the right person

Online collaboration

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

What priority options are available for tasks?

Available priority options include: “High,” “Normal,” and “Low.” Priority determines how important a task is in the context of other tasks.

How can you assign a person responsible for performing a task?

To assign a person responsible for a task, select the person from the list of available users or enter the name and surname in the appropriate field when creating or editing a task.

Does the app allow you to assign tags or categories to tasks?

Yes, users can assign tags or categories to tasks to more easily group, search and manage them.

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