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Take care of cash flow control. Mizzox analyzes late payments, informs about all payments to your company's bank account, allows you to order payments directly from the system. Stay up to date.

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Finances simpler than you think
You don’t have to remember about deadlines and payments. Mizzox will notify your contractors of overdue payments and you of inflows to your company’s account. Quick online payments will streamline your financial management and allow you to focus on growing your business.

with online payment

Mizzox will notify you and your contractors about issued invoices and the possibility of online settlement. Funds will appear in your account in a few minutes.

Synchronization with the bank

Make transfers and receive notifications of inflows to your bank account. Stay up to date.

Access from anywhere

Control payments on all your devices – anywhere.

Artificial intelligence to streamline your work

Mizzox’s smart search options are built into Payments offering speedand reliability.

The solution is simpler than we thought

Your payments are well taken care of – in one convenient place. Przelew otrzymasz w ciągu kilku minut a swój zrealizujesz wygodnie i bezpiecznie.

Key features

Integration and monitoring

Synchronization with the bank

Automation of transactions

Monitoring the status of payments

Records and transaction history

Payment management

A variety of payment methods

Accounts management

Supporting recurring payments

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to track transaction history in the payment system?

Yes, it is possible to track transaction history. Users have access to data on payments made, such as date, amount, payment method and transaction status.

What happens if a payment was canceled or failed?

In the event of a failed or canceled payment, our system will provide the appropriate feedback to you.

What payment methods are available at Mizzox?

At Mizzox, we support the following payment methods: Blik, Quick Transfer (BlueMedia), Card (Visa, MasterCard) and Paypal.

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