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and editing data

Enter new contractors into the database and update the information at any time.

Reminders of important deadlines

Set up automatic notifications to contractors about newly issued invoices, or informing them of an upcoming due date.

Payment deadline

Set the default payment deadline when adding or editing a contractor, and the
corresponding date will automatically be filled in when generating invoices.

Artificial intelligence to streamline your work

Mizzox’s intelligent search options are built into Other offering speed and reliability.

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Unlimited possibilites

Manage the modules that are important to you, from one convenient location..

Key features

Relationship management

Integration with GUS

White list verification

E-mail and SMS notifications

Data security

Discounts management

Data management

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Does Mizzox send notices to contractors about overdue payments?

Yes, our application allows you to send notifications to contractors about overdue payments or reminders about payment deadlines.

What information should be included in a contractor profile?

The contractor’s profile should include, among other things, the company’s name or first and last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, TIN (if applicable) and any additional information.

How to edit the contractor’s data?

To change a contractor’s data, go to the “Contractors” tab, find the appropriate contractor in the list, open its profile and make the necessary editing.

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