Documents and files,
that are always with you

Cloud Drive gives you a safe and convenient place to store, share and synchronize your files. Let your data always be at hand, no matter where you are.

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Easy and secure access to data
Store documents, share files and folders anywhere,
at any time and on any device.

Access from any

Documents and photos on all
Your devices – anywhere.

and backup

The drive provides encrypted
and secure access to your data.


Share documents, files, photos and folders.

Artificial intelligence to streamline your work

Mizzox’s intelligent search options are built into the Drive offering speed and reliability.

Artificial intelligence to streamline your work.Intelligent search options in Mizzox are built into the drive offering speed and reliability.

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Can I share files from the drive with other users?

Yes, in Mizzox you can share files from the disk with other users by sharing links or giving appropriate access permissions.

How do I add a file to drive?

To add a file, go to the “Drive” tab, click the “Upload” button and select a document from your computer. In addition, you can use the “Drag and Drop” function – simply drag the selected file from your computer to the browser window and drop it on the Dropbox area. This will automatically add the file to your cloud account.

What file formats can I store on the drive?

Mizzox Drive allows you to add files in a variety of formats, such as text documents, spreadsheets, photos, PDFs, presentations and many more.

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