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Manage accounting documents and agreements. Mizzox automates the processes of notifications, calculation of penalties and interest, sends documents to your accountant without your participation. Increase business efficiency today.

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Turn office chaos into a harmonious symphony
Add documents and don’t worry about their realization – at every stage. Thanks to Mizzox, you’ll bring document chaos under control and reach your goals faster.

Document circulation and archiving in the cloud

No more paper documents.
Gain access to your corporate and private files from any device.

Automatic reminders

Mizzox will send a reminder or call for payment, will issue an interest note. Mizzox does not forget.

Contact with accounting

Mizzox will send the documents to your accountant. Without your participation.

Artificial intelligence to streamline your work

Mizzox’s intelligent search options
are built into the Documents offering speed and reliability.

No more paper

Manage your documents in one place. All your files will always be at hand, on any device. Always secure.

Key features


Custom numbering

Convenient payments

E-mail notifications

Multi-currency invoicing and costs

Attaching multiple documents

Tracking changes

OCR scanning


Export to accounting programs

Charging interest

Payment reminders


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Cloud archiving

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Who is the software that allows invoicing for?

The invoicing software is designed for a variety of entities, such as enterprises, sole proprietors, freelancers and businesses. With Mizzox, users can easily create, send, monitor and manage invoices.

Which type of invoices – electronic or paper?

Mizzox supports both electronic and paper invoices. This functionality allows users to customize the form of invoices according to individual customer preferences and to meet the requirements related to the type of preferred form of financial documentation.

Does Mizzox have the ability to manage the debt collection process?

Mizzox has a functionality that allows you to carry out soft collection against customers who have failed to make timely payments. With this program, you can track payments, generate calls for payment and send them via traditional mail, email or SMS. What’s more, the system allows you to program automatic reminders for irregular payments.

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